Breath In Poetry Presents: 3-2-1 SLAM!

Guuuuuuuues what?


Starting on July 22nd we challenge our poets to bring us their best in 3 minutes, but can you move us in 2 minutes? Can you deliver a poem in 1 minute that will bring an audience to their feet?

Here’s how it will go down!

6 poets will compete each night in the hopes of being crowned the 3 – 2 – 1 SLAM champion and securing a spot as the 2015 Edmonton Representative at the 2015 Vancouver Indies!

What is a Poetry Slam?

Simply put, poetry slam is the competitive art of performance poetry. It puts a dual emphasis on writing and performance, encouraging poets to focus on what they’re saying and how they’re saying it.

Who can Slam?

Anyone who has original works of poetry is invited to join! Poets are to have 3 poems prepared; each poem should be no more than 3 minutes long. Sign up for the slam will be done in advance up to one hour before the Slam. Only 6 poets will slam a night. Spots for the slam are first come first serve!

What are the rules?

  • There are 3 rounds in a slam
  • Each poet will perform one 3 minute poem in Round 1, a 2 minute poem in Round 2 and a 1 minute poem in round 3!
  • Time is started as soon as the poet engages the audience, whether by body language or speech
  • The poem must be an original written by the poet performing it. If the poem exceeds the allotted time for the round, a 10 second grace period is given. After that 0.5 points will be deducted from the poet score for every 10 seconds over the time allotted.
  • The poets cumulative score at the end of the 3 rounds will determine the winner for the night
  • No props, no music, no costumes and only one poet may read at a time.
How Do You Qualify for Finals?
  • The top 2 poets from each slam night will advance to finals on September 16th.

How is it judged?

  • Judges will be chosen at random from the audience members. The rest of the audience is encouraged to influence the judges, by cheering for their favourite poet.
  • Poets are judged based on the quality of their written work, performance and audience reaction. The judges will be using a numeric scale, 1 – being not so good to 10 – being excellent.
  • The highest and the lowest scores are dropped and an average of the remaining points is used as that poets final score for the round.
  • The poet with the highest cumulative score for of the 3 rounds wins the slam.
  • The top 2 poets from each slam night advance to finals.

When are the qualifying slams?

July 22nd

August 5th

August 19th

September 2nd

Finals: September 16th


Please note we will be charging $5 at the door on slam nights as part of our fundraising efforts to support the winner of the 3 – 2 – 1 SLAM series at the 2015 Vancouver Indies and for ongoing Breath In Poetry Slams.

We hope to see you all there!!

Rise Up: Take Back the Mic Call for Poets

Rise Up: Take Back the Mic
Call for Poets

Your revolution starts now. Your revolution is the what-if, the could-be, the should-be, the will-be. Your revolution is politics, semantics and artistics. Gather up the critics, the cynics, the mystics, the mavericks, the beatnicks: this is your manifesto, so manifest your destiny.

Rise up, and take back the mic.

NextfestBreath In Poetry and Catch the Keys Productions present:

Take Back the Mic
The Nextfest Slam
Saturday, June 7, 2014 at 9pm
as part of the Rise Up! Nextfest Nite Club
Artery Edmonton (9535 Jasper Avenue)

Twelve emerging poets compete in a three-round elimination for a $500 top prize.


The twelve participating poets will be announced Tuesday, May 20 at Breath In Poetry’s Rouge Poetry Night (located at Rouge Lounge on 117 Street and Jasper Avenue).

Please send the following information to by 12Noon Tuesday, May 20:

  • Name (include your legal name and performance name if applicable)
  • Email address
  • Twitter handle
  • Applicable links (website, youtube etc).

Please note: Each participating poet will receive a small honorarium, an all access festival pass and a festival t-shirt. In the case of Nextfest, emerging refers to artists under the age of 30 who are not professionally represented.

Questions? Contact

Want to do more with Nextfest? We’re still accepting submissions for the Nextfest Nite Clubs. Submit!

David James Hudson



What up Family,

Hope you had a great week. The Slam finals were off the stage! The Winners were Nasra, Scott, Mega, Charllote and Kaz Mega.
A few of them will be there to spit some truth!

We are extremely lucky to feature a person who gave me the motivation required to grow as an artist. In 2010, he inspired me to continue writing my truth, and I have. David is an awesome human being, and a well read individual.

About David

David James Hudson’s poetry draws inspiration from the frenetic rhythms of transnational violence, the creaks and groans of scarred lands, and those fervent, urgent moves that shatter delusion and sustain hope. A librarian by day, David has been performing in communities across the country for more than a dozen years, sharing stages with poets and musicians, scholars and storytellers, and activists and artists of all sorts. He has been a featured performer at numerous music, writers’, and other cultural festivals, as well as participating in national and international poetry slam championships. David has also been a three-time member (and two-time Grand Slam Champion) of the Guelph Poetry Slam team, with whom he placed second nationally in the 2013 Canadian Festival of Spoken Word in Montreal.

Tomorrow at 9pm 117 and Jasper (Rouge Lounge)

Edmonton Poetry Slam Finals

Hello friends and Family.

Who? Breath in Poetry/Edmonton Poetry Festival
What? Poetry Slam Finals
When? Tuesday April 22nd doors open at 7:30pm Show starts at 8pm
Where? 7 Sir Winston Churchill Square. Stanley Milner Library Theater
How? As in how much? $10 all proceeds go to the poets

Tomorrow marks our 5th poetry Slam finals. This year we are having it at the Stanley Milner Library theater
come Support your local talent. The night will close off with a spectacular live performance by Winter Tribe.

Poets Competing for Finals

 1. Scott 22
2. Marlon 13
3. Nasra 13          
4. Hanaan 13
5. Kaz Mega 13
6.Charlotte 12
7. Medge 10
8. Megan 6
9. Morgan 3

Facebook Event

April Slam Dates

Thank you for your patience family.

There is a Slam tonight April 8th.

Another April 15th (Last chance Slam)

Slam finals are happening April 22nd at Stanley Milner Public Library downtown.  Show is at 8pm. $10 at the door. It will be first come first serve for seats est. 240

On the 29th we are featuring David Hudson from Guelph

If you want to volunteer email us at

Slam and Open Mic Information

We are at Rouge Lounge (117 and Jasper) every Tuesday from 9pm to 11pm. Sometimes a little later depending on the capacity of poets.
Poets who wish to read on open mic nights or poets who wish to compete on Slam nights should arrive for 8:45 to get an opportunity to perform.
Open mic nights are completely free unless we feature a poet from out of town

Slam Nights are $5
The slam nights are
February 25th
March 1tth
March 25th
(April is special! dates to come)

Breath In Poetry – 2014 Season Opener!

Hello Family!

Thank you for supporting us through another wonderful year of poetry at Rouge Lounge, your support means the world to us.

After a great holiday break we will be back with your weekly dose of spoken word poetry on Tuesday, February 4th. We have some amazing features and shows lined up for you this year and of course SLAM season is upon us. Please check the Slam tab for more details.

We hope to see you all soon. Rouge Lounge (10111 117Street, 8pm, Every Tuesday)