Summer Slams Update

Summer Slams

It’s apparent that father time waits for no one. Unfortunately, Not even you dear reader. So, put that time to use and come watch the remaining Summer Slam on September 6th including the finals on the 20th.

The Summer Slams!

Oh how wonderful you are dear Summer Slams.


July 12th – Quiet and intimate day. Ahmed and Joel make it through.

July 26th – We had 2 Dope boys in a Cadillac feature who did a great job. Alex and Emmanuel make it to the finals

August 9th – RC Weslowski featured and the Palestine Solidarity Network contributed to the night with some Poems by Mahmud Darwish. Unfortunately, no slam this night because no one signed upšŸ˜¦.

August 23rd – Great night! seven slammers and a near packed house. Chow Mein Event and Priscilla made it to the finals.

September 6th – This hasn’t happened yet of course. However, if you wish to sign up early, contact LAST SLAM before Finals. To those who didn’t make it through previous slams, please come back!

September 20th – Summer Slam Finals including the 2011 Team EdmontonĀ  Slam team feature.

There you have it. If you didn’t know, now you know.