SLAM TIME featuring Oozeela

Another Slam is literally around the corner. February 14th we are continuing our slams. Please join us for some heated and deep poetry.

Remember to come early and grab some good seats. We start at 8pm
$5 cover charge.

Last Slams Colin Matty took first. Who will it be on Tuesday?

We are featuring the musical talents of Oozeela, a talented artist which has performed at Rouge on many occasions.

Oozeela’s Bio

Caribbean musician and producer, Oozeela, was born Oliver W. Severin in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on January 22, 1984. His musical handle (pronounced oo-zee-lah) represents the flow of his musical career –“ooze” and his singing ability –“la,” the sixth note of scale in tonic sol-fa. Raised in Dominica, Oozeela learned singing, traditional African dance, traditional African drumming, and piano. His vision is to revolutionize urban music in Canada.

While attending high school at St. Mary’s Academy, Oozeela and his brother formed Juvenilez, a band with a soca and bouyon sound. Juvenilez became a local hit, and Oozeela caught the attention of Maurice Aisles and Peter Walsh of Partnerz in Kryme (P. I. K.). Oozeela toured with P.I.K, performing in neighboring islands and as far as Texas and New York. He gained international recognition for his work on P.I.K.’s track “fast and furious.” He then formed the independent hip hop and reggae group, Warlox Krew, and performed at the Arawak House of Culture, a major show promoting Scotia Bank products and services.