Sea of Green

Recently, Notebook Nick had a chance to step outside of the poetry community to check out some of the theatre at the Walterdale Playhouse (10322 83 Ave). Andy Garland is a regular at Rouge Poetry, and has also competed in Breath In Poetry’s Slam Series. Upon mentioning that he’d written a play that had worked its way to production, some of us here at BIP were intrigued. Notebook Nick managed to secure himself a seat on opening night and was blown away.

“Sea of Green” centers around the elections and the fiasco that followed this year in Tehran, Iran. It paints a picture of the elections from multiple viewpoints ranging from civilian bakers and merchants, to foreign journalists, to the country’s government militia. The play itself started as a poem, and the language throughout was rich; brimming with metaphors and imagery that depicted the chaos that followed the announcement that the election was rigged in favour of the incumbent President.

For anyone who’s remotely interested in foreign politics, expanding their worldview, or an evening of great entertainment, go see this play. It’s accompanied by two others in an evening dubbed “From Cradle to Stage: An Evening of One Act Plays” that the Walterdale Playhouse puts on every year. Doors open at 7:45, show starts at 8 pm. “Sea of Green” will be running until May 28.